Monday, March 6 2017 21:58 EET
Conflict Intelligence Team: Russian spy died in Syria
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On March 5, the wife of a Russian soldier Artem Gorbunov commented on a social network post detailing the recapture of Palmyra, saying her husband was killed in an ambush in Syria on March 2. This was reported on the Conflict Intelligence Team’s page in Facebook.

Gorbunov served in the 96th Separate Reconnaissance Brigade, based in Nizhny Novgorod, according to the group’s sources

“We were able to indirectly confirm this information: in November 2016 one of Gorbunovs friends posted a photo taken at the parade grounds of the 96th brigade base (location: Fedoseenko st., Nizhny Novgorod),” the message says.

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“This is another one of the numerous reports of Russian soldiers' and PMC fighters' deaths related to the Palmyra counteroffensive. We are preparing an overview of Russian losses during this operation,” it was also stated.

Earlier it was reported that Russia allowed unknown private company to extract oil in Crimea. "New Projects" company is allegedly connected with businessmen Kurchenko.

Earlier Russian military began to test new military equipment in the Arctic

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