Friday, March 3 2017 18:39 EET
In Transnistria, the Russian flag will be equal to the national flag
Transnistria, Russian, Flag,  Will, Equa, National

The Supreme Court of Transnistria approved the first reading of a government initiative in which the Russian Federation flag will be viewed as having the same status as the national flag of the country, reported the Parliamentary newspaper.

According to the bill, the Russian flag will be flown on all governmental buildings along with the national flag.

The authors of this initiative feel that this move will strengthen the statehood of the republic and mark a new stage of integration with Russia.

It has been reported that the local parliament will approve the bill at its second reading.

As was earlier reported, the newly elected president of the self-proclaimed Transnistria Republic, Vadim Krasnoselsky, rejected the offer of talks to grant special status to the region in Moldova and said that he will continue to move toward annexation by Russia.

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