Thursday, March 2 2017 17:20 EET
Witnesses: At request of Russian Federation, Bulgaria bans laying flowers in memory of Nemtsov
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The Embassy of Russia in Bulgaria has banned the laying of flowers in memory of murdered politician Boris Nemtsov anywhere near the diplomatic mission building. Journalist Natalia Novozhilova wrote about the development on her Facebook page, where she shared a post from an eyewitness named Tsvetan Kristev.

According to the Bulgarian eyewitness, he wanted to honor the memory of Nemtsov on the anniversary of his death, but the Embassy told him that Russia would regard such an act "as a threat." During the laying of flowers near the embassy, the Bulgarian police threatened to arrest him.

"Today, my most dear friends and I paid tribute to Russian freedom fighter Boris Nemtsov, who on this day two years ago was demonstratively shot in central Moscow. We arrived at the Russian Embassy, where two minibuses containing Bulgarian police were already waiting for us. They informed us that they had orders from the Embassy to prevent laying flowers near the building of the Embassy; otherwise the act would be considered a "threat" and would be followed by, arrest," wrote Kristev, noting that he and friends left the flowers behind the fence of the Embassy.

In addition, the witness gave his version of events: "It is clear that the Russian authorities feel strong hatred for Nemtsov's character. However, his ideas did not die with him, and this has been demonstrated in recent days throughout various countries. Such heroes do not die! " wrote the Bulgarian.

Boris Nemtsov, well-known politician and member of the Yaroslavl Regional Duma, was killed in the center of Moscow, on the Greater Moscow River Bridge near the Kremlin during the night of February 28, 2015.

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