Thursday, March 2 2017 15:49 EET
Odesa Port-Side Plant resumes operation after two-month idle period
Odesa,  Port-Side,  Plant,  Resumes,  Operation, After,  Two-Month,  Idle,  Period

Public joint-stock company Odesa Port-Side Plant is resuming its operations after a two-month idle period, First Deputy Board Chairman Mykola Schurikov has said.

"Today we have started the launch of the plant! The tolling scheme is used now. We are working on all possible options," he wrote on his Facebook page.

As reported, after two failures to privatize the plant at the end of December 2016 the plant decided to temporarily suspend operations due to high prices of natural gas and accumulated debts for its supplies.

The company said that it is looking for companies interested in leasing of its property complex for a long period of time.

In February 2017 the shareholders of the plant gave preliminary consent on the leasing of the plant's property.

The shareholders also approved the debt restructuring to Naftogaz Ukrainy in equal parts during two years without interest accrued.

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