Wednesday, March 1 2017 20:17 EET
Ukrainian Cabinet endorses rules for transporting goods to/from ATO zone
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The Ukrainian government approved regulations for transporting goods to and from the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) zone in Donbas at a meeting in Kyiv on Wednesday, an Interfax-Ukraine correspondent reported.

"The decision envisages the installation of checkpoints that will track transportation and compliance with the decisions that we make. The main thing is that everything approved will be allowed, and any other things will be prohibited, absolutely everything," Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said before making this decision.

While presenting the draft decision, Hennadiy Kuznetsov, the chief of staff of the Ukrainian Security Service's anti-terrorist center, said that the draft document is aimed at determining legal regulations governing the transportation of goods, including those recognized as humanitarian aid, to and from the anti-terrorist operation area through the engagement line or within its limits.

The document applies to private individuals and economic entities conducting such transportation, he said.

Among the allowed products are food products, medications, and also "goods and products that ensure functioning and maintenance or are necessary in the production process in the metallurgical, mining, coal-extraction and energy industries, and critical infrastructure facilities," Kuznetsov said.

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