Wednesday, March 1 2017 18:35 EET
Avdiivka is running out of drinking water, — Zhebrivskyi
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Avdiivka is almost out of drinking water. Reservoirs in Avdiivka got water for a maximum of two supplies due to shut down of Donetsk Filtration Plant. This was reported by Pavlo Zhebrivskyi, the Head of Donetsk civil and military administration, on his Facebook page.

"Water in Avdiivka reservoirs is left for a maximum of two supplies. Water to the city was supplied on schedule over past 6 days. We are preparing the city for autonomous water security. Additional 5 reservoirs were placed in private sector, 1 cubic meter each. Adventist humanitarian agency ADRA purchased 6 single cubic meter containers. 7 more reservoirs for drinking water were provided by Czech humanitarian organization "People in Need" — he wrote.

Zhebrivskyi noted that 34 tanks for drinking water were installed in schools and other social objects in Avdiivka. The possibility to purchase additional 10 tanks for drinking water is also being considered.

He also informed that State Emergency Service is ready to transport two water tank trucks in Avdiivka, Avdiivka Coke Plant may provide a large cistern to provide the city with water for general use.

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