Wednesday, March 1 2017 18:31 EET
Russia ranked to major challenges of the US
Russia, Ranked, Major, Challenges, US

Proposed by Donald Trump candidate for the post of the US National Intelligence Director Daniel Coats has ranked Russia to one of the main challenges the United States is facing now. He stated this at a hearing in the Senate Committee on Intelligence, which is considering his candidacy.

"Persistence of Russia in the world affairs - it is something that I look at with great concern, and something that we need to look at with eyes wide open and with a healthy dose of skepticism," quoted him Reuters.

Coats also called for a thorough investigation of any Russia's attempt to influence the last presidential election. "I think we need to investigate and figure it out", he said.

73-year-old Coats, who was a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, also promised that the commission, which would carry out the investigation, will be provided with full access to all documents and other materials necessary for the investigation. "I have no intention to hide something from the committee," he said.

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