Tuesday, February 28 2017 21:50 EET
Leonid Kuchma: Russia is freezing the conflict in the Donbas
Leonid Kuchma, Russia,  Freezing, Conflict ,Donbas

The representative of Ukraine to the Trilateral Contact Group on the resolution of the situation in the Donbas, former President of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma, stated that Russia’s recognition of documents issued by the separatist areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions will lead to the freezing of the conflict in the same way it did in Transnistria, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

“In my view, Russia made the decision long ago to create conflict in the post-Soviet area, similar to their intervention in Transnistria – a frozen conflict. The situation with passports is a step in that direction,” Kuchma said. Leonid Kuchma reminded that Ukraine took a firm stance: security-related problems should be resolved first, and then political problems.

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