Tuesday, February 28 2017 21:23 EET
Savchenko claims to have found Ukrainian captives unrecorded by Kyiv in Makiyivka penitentiary
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Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada deputy Nadia Savchenko has published an updated list of Ukrainian citizens held in the Makiyivka penitentiary in the Donetsk region as of February 25, 2017.

"Here is the result of my trip to Makiyivka penitentiary No. 22. Six Ukrainian soldiers and civilians believed missing have been found," Savchenko said on Facebook on Tuesday.

There are 34 names, including six absent from the Minsk lists on the scanned copy of the document published by the deputy.

Savchenko said that one person had refused to be exchanged.

There are 13 names on another list compiled by Savchenko. In all, she has published the names of 47 Ukrainian POWs.

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