Monday, February 27 2017 18:15 EET
Artemenko plans to visit US and continue to draw attention to Crimean issue
Artemenko, Plans, Visit, US, Continue, Draw,  Attention, Crimean,  Issue

People's Deputy Andriy Artemenko said he plans to visit the US and continue to draw attention to the decision of the Crimean issue. He stated this during a press conference on February 27. 112 Ukraine TV Channel led the broadcast.

"I plan to visit Washington and New York soon and continue my job to attract attention to solve the Crimean issue, to draw attention to the creation of a new negotiation platform with the participation of the signatory countries of the Budapest Memorandum, which are the United States, Great Britain, Russia and Ukraine. They must find a compromise, how to stop the war, how to get out of the Ukrainian-Russian crisis", said Artemenko.

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