Monday, February 27 2017 16:43 EET
Merkel's ally: NATO should confront Russia from a position of strength
Merkel's,  Ally, NATO,  Should,  Confront,  Russia,  From, Position, Strength

Germany must increase defense expenditures to be able to, jointly with its NATO allies, oppose Russia from a position of strength, Chairman of the Christian Democrats Party in the Bundestag Volker Kauder said, Deutsche Welle reported.

“Unfortunately, Russia under President Putin is trying to destabilize Europe every day. It must be opposed from a position of strength, but this does not mean going back to the ‘Cold War,’” said Kauder.

He further noted that German increases in defense expenditures are not a reaction to the demands of US President Donald Trump and come from obligations taken on by the country, together with its other NATO allies in 2014.

Kauder emphasized that demands are growing for the Bundeswehr to expand because of the threat of terrorism and the increase in defense expenditures would give an opportunity to arm soldiers with better weapons.

Previously, German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that Germany needed to fulfill its obligations to NATO and increase defense expenditures up to 2% of GDP.

United States Defense Secretary James Mattis warned NATO allies about the need to increase military expenditures and to keep their financial obligations so that the US could continue its commitment to the alliance.

In response President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker stated that Europe does not have to obey the US’s demands concerning increasing military spending.

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