Monday, February 27 2017 16:27 EET
Russia to deploy anti-aircraft missile systems in occupied Crimea
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The Russian Navy will deploy Buk anti-aircraft missile systems in occupied Crimea. The Black Sea Fleet headquarters said that the principal desicion of Buks deployment have been already taken, reports Izvestia.

According to the newspaper, these naval Buks together with S300 and S400 ant-aircraft missile systems of Russian aerospace forces in case of need are able to completely "cover the sky" over the peninsula and the Black Sea.

The new weaponry will be delivered to 1096 anti-aircraft missile regiment based in Sevastopol. At first regiment will receive Buk M-2 systems, and later - more advanced Buk M-3. However, the exact date of the beginning of the rearmament is still unknown. At present, 1096-th regiment is armed with Osa anti-aircraft missile systems.

Buk-M1-2 is a multipurpose complex, which could conduct simultaneous firing of the six targets flying at different azimuths and altitudes. High firepower created by 6 channels of fire, allows effective striking of followed targets.

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