Thursday, February 23 2017 19:44 EET
Russia decided to place military division on Kuril Islands
Russia, Decided, Plac, Military, Division, Kuril,  Islands

The Government of Japan has expressed its protest against the decision of the Russian Federation to place on Kuril chain islands its military division. This was stated by Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Ёsihide Suga, said "TASS".

"We are closely watching the actions of Russia in the area of the four northern islands. We now gather additional information in connection with the recent reports of their plans to place military there. On 22 and 23 February, we sent the protests through diplomatic channels, " he said.

"If with this troops' placement Russia is intended to enhance its military presence in the "northern territories", it contradicts the position of our country, which means that this is primordial territory of Japan. These actions are regrettable," added Foreign Ministry of Japan.

Also Esihide Suga said that the Japanese government supports the continuation of peace negotiations on the Kuril Islandsand the search for solutions acceptable to both countries.

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