Thursday, February 23 2017 18:49 EET
Russia awards a contract for pipelaying of Nord Stream 2 to Allseas
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Gazprom’s subsidiary Nord Stream 2 AG have awarded a contract for offshore pipelay of the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea to Allseas, reported the World Pipelines.

The contract to be signed within the next days follows the letter of intent agreed between both parties last December. Other tenders including the near-shore pipelay tenders in Russia and Germany are ongoing.

Under the terms of the contract, Switzerland's Allseas will build the first and the second strings of the Nord Stream pipeline 2 project in the Baltic sea.

Henning Kothe, Chief Project Officer of Nord Stream 2 AG, said: “This is another key milestone for Nord Stream 2. I am pleased that we have secured the necessary pipelay capacity for the project in the highly specialised offshore pipelay market. Following the award decisions in 2016 for pipe supply, and for coating and logistics, we now have the major contracts in place to complete the project on schedule.”

The company will undertake offshore pipelay works for both lines in 2018 and 2019.

Altogether around 200 companies from 20 countries are involved in implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project for Europe’s long term security of supply.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline project will deliver Russian natural gas to the EU market. 

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