Thursday, February 23 2017 17:25 EET
Ukroboronprom to modernize 60 aircraft for the Ukrainian Air Force
Ukroboronprom, Modernize, Aircraft, Ukrainian, Air,  Force

The Ukrainian military will receive approximately 60 upgraded and modernized aircraft this year from Ukroboronprom, Ukraine’s state-owned defense enterprise, reported.

According to Lieutenant-General Sergei Drozdov, the Deputy Commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, the military will receive, “about 60 renovated and modernized aircraft. It includes MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters, Su-25 attack aircraft, Su-24 bombers, and L-39 combat trainers.”

Drozdov also noted that the Ukrainian military has more than 100 exercises planned for this year.

Earlier Ukroboronprom military products have been included in the NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics

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