Wednesday, February 22 2017 18:05 EET
March of National Dignity culminated
March, National, Dignity, Culminated

The March of National Dignity took place in Kyiv at Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square today, on February 22. The march was organized by the All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda", the Right Sector (the far-right party) and the National Corps (Azov) party.

The organizers have put forward a number of demands to the government, including utility rates reduction, prohibiting privatization of state enterprises, leaving moratorium on land sale, ceasing trade with the occupied territories and sever diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation.

The journalists claim about 5 thousand people gathered at the march, organizers say there were about 20 thousand participants, while police estimated the number of people at 7 thousand.

“Ukrainian people are face to face with the oligarch outrage and Moscow invasion. Those, who swept into power under the guise of Revolution of Dignity, are not going to perform the tasks, set by the Ukrainians. That’s why we – the National Corps, the Svoboda and the Right Sector political parties – see the only salvation way in uniting the active community, volunteer movement and all the nationalists within the specific and practical requirements,” the message reads.

Earlier Ukrainian MP Nadiya Savchenko during her imprisonment in Russia corresponded with Russian spy Maria Koleda

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