Wednesday, February 22 2017 16:44 EET
Russian diplomats have constructed psychological profile of Trump for Putin
Russian, Diplomats, Have, Constructed,  Psychological, Profile, Trump, Putin

Former diplomats and Kremlin employees have constructed a psychological profile of the U.S. President, Donald Trump, for the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, as stated by the former Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Andrei Fedorov, in an interview with NBC News. The document consists of seven pages and it is designed to help Vladimir Putin in preparations for his first meeting with Trump.

“The very serious, preparatory work being done by the Kremlin includes a seven page document containing a psychological profile of Donald Trump. It is mainly based on the past two to three months and the last few weeks,” Fedorov said, noting that the document is constantly being updated.

The diplomat emphasized that many Kremlin officials believe that Donald Trump perceives his presidency as being the same as doing regular business. NBC News stressed that the creation of psychological profiles of U.S. Presidents isn’t an ordinary practice.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation in late January. In mid-February, the U.S. President stated that the Crimea was annexed by Russia. The White House Press Secretary and Communications Director for the U.S. President, Sean Spicer, stated that Trump expects the return of the Crimea to Ukraine. After that, the Kremlin instructed its media to discontinue praising Trump.

Russia also concluded that the first month of Trump’s presidency showed no significant progress in the hope for an improvement in relations between Moscow and Washington and suggested that they may even deteriorate.

Earlier Russian media revealed that a head-on crash in which a man was killed involved Vladimir Putin's official black BMW

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