Tuesday, February 21 2017 19:18 EET
Russian Deputy PM: Russia is developing ICBMs to counter any US missile defense
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The new intercontinental ballistic missiles which are being developed in Russia can overcome any US missile defense, said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in an interview on the program “Voskresny Vecher” on TV channel “Rossiya-1”.

According to Rogozin, Russian nuclear deterrent forces are made up of various missiles, including “old Soviet classic ‘Voyevoda’ missiles”, which are called “Satan” in the west, but new missiles are also being developed.
“They are very afraid of them (the ‘Voyevoda’ missiles)… their time has been extended until there are new missile weapons,” the deputy prime minister noted. He added that these weapons will soon appear in the Russian army.
“These are weapons which can overcome the US missile defense. We will break this defense. It does not present a serious military threat to us today, aside from a provocation,” Rogozin stated.
It is expected that “Voyevoda” will be superseded by the “Sarmat” ICBM. The prototype missile was available in the autumn of 2015, and a year later the engines underwent test-fires.

Russia stated previously that the new missile would be part of the armament by 2019-2020.

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