Friday, February 17 2017 20:47 EET
UN recorded 203 cases of sexual violence in Donbas
UN,Recorded, 203, Cases, Sexual, Violence, Donbas

Mobile group led by the United Nations Population Fund recorded 203 cases of sexual violence in the Donbas region. This is stated in the report of the United Nations Mission for the observance of human rights in Ukraine.

The working group worked in five areas affected by the conflict in November 2015. They recorded 203 cases of sexual violence, including 43 cases of rape that took place after 1 April, 2014.

About 43% of victims of sexual violence were women 25-36 years old.

"63% of these cases took place outside the family, but it is difficult to estimate how many of them were related to the conflict. Approximately 36% of the women were not able to identify the person has committed a crime against them", reads the report.

The UN says that sexual violence, especially related to the conflict, is flagrant violation of personal integrity

"In most cases, documented by OHCHR, sexual violence was committed against men and women and took place in places of detention or imprisonment. In particular, beatings by electric shocks to the genitals, the threat of rape and rape used as a punishment or humiliation in order to gain acceptance and (or) to force the victims to give up the right to their property, or perform other tasks at the request of criminals. These actions may amount to torture or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment", UN reports.

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