Friday, February 17 2017 20:01 EET
Prosecutor General’s Office does not believe Sadovnyk’s presence would expedite “Berkut” case
Prosecutor, General’s, Office, Does, Not, Believe, Sadovnyk’s, Presence, Would, Expedite, Berkut, Case

The Prosecutor General’s Office does not believe that the presence of Dmytro Savodnyk, former commander of "Berkut" special unit, would expedite the case on Maidan shooting. This opinion was expressed by prosecutor Alexei Donskoy on air of “112 Ukraine” TV channel.

“I don’t think so (that it would expedite the case – 112.International), as the volume of those materials necessary for court examination, evidence collected during pre-trial investigation would not diminish. Thus, I don’t thinks this affects the speed of this process,” prosecutor noted.

It is noteworthy that Vitaly Titych, the lawyer of families of “Heavenly Hundred” heroes, earlier said to “112 Ukraine” correspondent that the only Sadovnyk’s presence during the trial would help establish truth and solve the crime.

“His presence in court would mean solving these crimes fast, establishing objective truth and easing further judicial proceedings, as his face was clearly identified due to certain personal features, his weapon was identified, there are bullets and there are killed people,” the lawyer said.

The Prosecutor General’s Office earlier refused to extradite 12 former Berkut officers as they received Russian citizenship. Dmytro Sadovnyk was also among them, having escaped from house arrest in Ukraine.

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