Thursday, February 16 2017 17:27 EET
Donbas: Heavy weapons should be withdrawn from division line by February 20
Donbas,Heavy, Weapons, Should, Withdrawn, From, Division, Line, February 20

Minsk Trilateral Contract Group discussed the withdrawal of heavy weaponry from the division line in eastern Ukraine. OSCE Special Representative Martin Sajdik said this at a briefing. The parties offered to withdraw the armaments by February 20.

The sides also discussed the issue of POW release. Lately, pro-Russian militants have been demanding that Ukraine release 700 of their fighters, detained for separatism, terrorism and military actions against both Ukrainian troops and civilians in Donbas. Instead, the mercenaries offer to release 50 Ukrainian POWs.

The next session of the Trilateral Contact Group is slated for March 1, Sajdik said.

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