Wednesday, February 15 2017 17:22 EET
Expert report showed that fire at Hrybovychi landfill was spontaneous combustion
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The examination showed that fire at Hrybovychi dump site in Lviv region occurred due to spontaneous inflammation, but not arson. This was reported by Yuriy Lutsenko, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, during prosecution conference, broadcast by "112 Ukraine" TV channel.

"I want to finally hear the responsibility of Lviv officials for deaths at the dump site. You have everything, you’ve got the expertise, saying it was not an arson, state examination revealed spontaneous combustion due to non-compliance with technical rules. Who is guilty? The community is awaiting response. Three dead people, excuse me, and their relatives are waiting for an answer! The inspection ended last week, it is your responsibility now," he said, addressing the prosecutor of Lviv region.

As it is known, On May 30, a big fire took place at Zbyranka and Hrybovychi waste deposits, Lviv region. Fire rescuers spent several days to put it away, which caused problems with taking out the trash out of the city. During the fire, the garbage slide occurred; it killed four people — three rescuers and ecologist. The investigation in the tragedy is underway

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