Tuesday, February 14 2017 19:45 EET
Dutch EU-Ukraine AA voting to take place next week
Dutch, EU-Ukraine, AA Voting, Place, Next, Week

The news published earlier by Reuters that Dutch parliament does not plan to vote for AA between Ukraine and EU before election was withdrawn. The Netherlands will not delay the voting on Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, it will take place next week. This was reported by Reuters.

"The story headlined "Dutch approval of Ukraine-EU treaty delayed until after elections - ANP" is withdrawn. Dutch parliament is expected to vote on treaty next week. Approval or rejection by the Senate will not be affected by national parliamentary elections March 15." the message says.

Earlier it was reported that Netherlands were supposed to complete AA EU-Ukraine in January 2017. Previously, the EU agreed on decision on the conclusion of the ratification of the Agreement on association with Ukraine taking into account the conditions of the Netherlands.

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