Monday, February 13 2017 14:21 EET
Ukraine sues Russia in WTO for limiting transit of goods to Asia
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Ukraine has officially sued Russia in the World Trade Organization due to the ongoing limitations of transit of Ukrainian goods. The Ministry for Economic Development reported that on Monday, February 13.

‘Since the Ukrainian side implemented the EU-Ukraine free trade area agreement in January 2016, Russia has been limiting transits of goods from Ukraine by road- and railways – to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan,’ the authority says.

About 79 percent of Ukraine’s exports to Kazakhstan and about 95 percent of these to Kyrgyzstan suffered from limitations imposed by the Russian government.

Last year, the Ukrainian side initiated the process to settle the Ukraine-Russia trade issues within the WTO. Ukraine also demanded that the WTO create a group of experts to assist in settling it.

Since the limitations were implemented in early 2016, the volume of exports from Ukraine to Central and Eastern Asia dropped by almost 40 percent compared to that of 2015. The losses amount to some USD 400 million.

In 2015, Ukraine sued Russia in the WTO for limiting exports of Ukrainian train carriages.

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