Thursday, February 9 2017 19:31 EET
People rally against garbage processing plant in Lviv
People, Rally, Against, Garbage, Processing, Plant,Lviv

A rally against the construction of a waste processing plant and against the formation of waste sorting line in the Ryasne district began in the morning on the Market Square, where Lviv City Council holds the meetings. Later the representatives of the radical organizations like Azov, Community Development and Legion Sport Club began to gather in front of the City Council. ZAXID.NET reports this.

Protesters started to gather at the Market Square at about 9:30 am Kyiv time.Activists brought car tires and barrels, as well as banners saying: "The public is not heard", "Lviv is not a garbage bin", "We demand to take into account our opinion" and others.Many protesters are hiding their faces with handkerchiefs and medical masks. In addition, unknown people damaged a surveillance camera at the Market Square.Meanwhile, the representatives from the radical organizations set tires on fire near the City Council. Lviv City Council increased security measures. Police and Municipal squad members guard the entrance of the building. Press with accreditation and visitors pass through a metal detector to enter.

Earlier The Head of the NATO Representation to Ukraine is on a three-day visit to Lviv for a number of NATO-Ukraine co-operation events

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