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Givi's killed: His life and possible motives of his murder
Givi's killed, His, life, possible,  motives, murder

Mikhail Tolstykh was born on July 19, 1980 in Ilovaysk, Donetsk region. 36-year-old terrorist, a.k.a. Givi served in the Ukrainian army in 1998. Two years later he graduated from the army as a sergeant. His military specialty was a tank commander. Givi has worked as an industrial climber, the driver of a diesel truck on the rope factory, a security guard in a supermarket, valet parking.

He started to fight on the side of the Donetsk militants since the events in Sloviansk in 2014. Then in September of the same year he participated in the battles for Ilovaysk. Then there was the battle for Donetsk airport and the seizure of the Ukrainian military prisoners, after which he became "famous" for his public interrogations.

The commander of “Somaly” unit of the DPR Armed forces Mikhail Tolstykh, call-sign “Givi”, was killed in Donetsk as a result of terrorist attack.

Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Zorian Shkiryak predicted the possible liquidation of Givi after Motorola's murder.

"Given the circumstances on the territory temporarily occupied regions of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, we can talk about a purposeful elimination of the leaders of Russian terrorist gangs," he said.

People's deputy Dmytro Dymchuk expressed the opinion that the cause of death of one of the leaders of the militants with the call sign “Givi” in the occupied Donetsk is his actions slipped out the control of the Donetsk militants’ leader Alexander Zakharchenko.

"Givi got out of hand and began to ignore orders of Zakharchenko, trying first of all to earn the trust of Russian curators," believes the MP.

MP Anton Gerashchenko claims that Givi’s death is unlikely to weaken the combat readiness of the militants in the Donbas region, which Russia supports.

"Givi was narrow-minded, intellectually limited person. The fact that he has been eliminated by Russian intelligence services or his allies only means that cleverer, more cunning and dastardly enemy of Ukraine will soon come on his place," the Deputy said.

Gerashchenko is convinced that the dead militant was a scoundrel and presented himself as "human garbage".

P from the faction People's Front Yuriy Bereza reacted to the death of Givi with humor, calling it a gift on his birthday.

Russia denies any involvement in the murder of one of the leaders of the militants of the so called DPR Mikhail Tolstykh, a.k.a Givi. Also, he called the murder of Tolstykh "an attempt to destabilize the situation."

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