Wednesday, February 8 2017 17:41 EET
Finance Ministry expects London Court to deliver its judgement on Yanukovych debt in April
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Ukrainian Ministry of Finance expects that London court will deliver the decision on Yanukovych debt in April. This was reported at the press-conference by Oleksandr Danylyuk, the Ukrainian Finance Minister.

“2 weeks ago hearings took place in London, Ukraine proved its point very clearly. The judge currently prepares the ruling. Nobody knows what it will be. But I am sure, that decision will be delivered in favor of Ukraine. However, no communication is foreseen for any of the sides. We are waiting for the decision,” Danylyuk said.

He estimated that the decision will be taken in April.

Ukraine received $3 billion from Russia a loan of when Viktor Yanukovych was the President in December 2013. Kyiv insisted on its recognition as a commercial debt and restructuring. But Russia refused to restructure the debt and demanded to recognize it as the state debt.

Earlier Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman held a meeting with Treasury’s Assistant Secretary for International Finance Ramin Toloui

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