Wednesday, February 8 2017 15:39 EET
Deputy NBU chief: dialog with PrivatBank's eurobond holders could start
Deputy, NBU, Chief, PrivatBank's, Eurobond ,Holders, Could, Start

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) could start dialog with holders of eurobonds of nationalized PrivatBank (Dnipro), Deputy NBU Governor Kateryna Rozhkova has said.

"We have received letters. Eurobond holders want to hold a dialog… We are ready to meet, present our position, as we acted in line with law," she said at a press conference in Kyiv on Tuesday.

Rozhkova said that the first meeting with some of the eurobond holders is scheduled for Tuesday.

"I do not know who will represent bond holders. I have received a letter that they want any dialog. I know that today they will meet with representatives of the bank's supervisory board. After the meeting they will arrive to the NBU. This is the first meeting," she said.

She expressed confidence that the NBU's position is grounded.

"We carried out bail-in under Article 41.1 of the law on the individuals deposit guarantee system. It says that liabilities of persons who are not affiliated with the bank, which are not deposits or current accounts, can be converted into capital. Professional investors were to assess the current and potential risk when they invested their money [in acquisition of eurobonds], taking into account several factors. We are ready to meet with representatives of bond holders. We are ready to present our position. We believe that our position is legal,"

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