Tuesday, February 7 2017 18:18 EET
Russia deploys more military hardware and manpower in Donbas
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Over the last three days, the Russian Defense Ministry has brought a lot of armored vehicles, hardware and manpower to the occupied areas of Donbas; that could mean the enemy prepares for another escalation in the combat zone. Olexandr Turchynov, the Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, said this as quoted by the agency’s press service.

The vehicles, weaponry, ammunition, equipment and fuel are brought to Donbas by railways, as the trains cross the Ukraine-Russia border, specifically its part controlled by Russia-backed rebels, the official said.

‘Over the last three days alone, Russia deployed a lot of tanks, IFVs, multiple missile launchers and large-caliber howitzers. Russian military enlistment offices are working around the clock to recruit as many soldiers as possible. That might very well be the sign that Russia is going for further escalation of the military activity in Donbas,’ Turchynov said.

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