Tuesday, February 7 2017 16:44 EET
U.S. heavy military equipment arrived in Estonia
U.S,  Heavy military, Equipment, Estonia

Heavy military equipment arrived in Estonia, designated for the company of U.S. infantrymen who came to the country on Friday, February 3, the press service of 1st Infantry Brigade of Estonian Defense Forces reported.

The company of infantrymen from the 69th Armored Regiment will replace the company of airborne paratroopers from the 173rd Brigade of the United States Army. Abrams tanks and Bradley armored infantry fighting vehicles accompanied the arriving soldiers.

The Brigade will stay until the arrival in Estonia of the NATO Battalion Military Group led by British servicemen. February marked the start of U.S. tank deployment in Poland to deter possible Russian aggression. In 2017, France will deploy 300 servicemen, 5 Leclerc tanks and 13 armored infantry fighting vehicles in Estonia.

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