Tuesday, February 7 2017 15:33 EET
80% of Russian air strikes in Syria were not directed against the Islamic State
Russian,Syria, directed, against, Islamic, State.

The German tabloid Bild reports that the overwhelming majority of Russian air strikes in Syria were not aimed at Islamic State targets, according to data from the Munich Security Conference of 2016.

"The vast majority—80% of strikes—was directed at "other targets,” opposition and civilians, and this is confirmed by various human rights organizations," the newspaper notes.

By comparison, the data for air strikes carried out by Turkey and by the U.S.-led coalition shows that 94% of the coalition strikes were directed at the targets of the Islamic State; Turkey hit them with 73% of their air strikes.

Bild staunchly refutes Russian data about thirty thousand strikes made in Syria since September 2015, calling it propaganda. It was noted that during this time Russia carried out 3,761 air strikes, about three thousand of which were not directed against the Islamic State.

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