Tuesday, February 7 2017 15:18 EET
Work on restoration of damaged buildings begins in Avdiivka
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The work on the restoration of damaged buildings by shelling started in Avdiivka. They have been conducted the works on 40 houses, the State Service on the Emergency situations reports. The 139 windows were changed, and 149 square meters of damaged roofs were restored in total.

The department stressed that the electricity and water supply in the city has been renewed. The work of schools and kindergartens resumed.

The clearing of the territories in Avdiivka from ammunition still continue.

8 people, including 4 children were evacuated on February 6 from the city to Svyatogorsk. 298 people (including 139 children) have been evacuated from Avdiivka in total

Earlier Appearance of Ukraine’s tanks in Avdiivka explained by ATO HQ

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