Tuesday, February 7 2017 15:04 EET
National Guard of Ukraine awarded UOP specialists restoring military equipment in ATO area

National Guard of Ukraine awarded certificates of honour to Specialists of the SE ” Kyiv Armored Plant,” working in the field repair teams directly in the ATO area. The certificates are already delivered to the enterprise.

As stated in the certificates of honour, workers of UOP SE “Kyiv Armored Plant” are thanked for “substantial assistance to military personnel involved in the conduct of anti-terrorist operation in the Luhansk region,” as well as “initiative, stamina and professionalism in the repair of armored vehicles. “

“Kyiv Armored Plant” equips Ukrainian army with armored personnel carriers BTR-3 of various modifications. The vehicle passed operation testing directly in the east of the country, having received positive reviews. “This armored personnel carrier demonstrated itself during the fighting,” – said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during the meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

Last year modern subassembly welding facilities for manufacturing BTR-3 were prepared at the enterprise. From now on “Kyiv Armored Plant” can significantly increase production, reduce costs and lay a new technological potential. This is another important step in the development of domestic armored vehicles.

Despite extremely tense situation in ATO area, the State Concern “UkrOboronProm” formed additional maintenance crews to repair military equipment for Ukrainian army. During 2014-2015 the number of mobile repair crews, working “in the field,” amounted 53. 100-150 units of armored vehicles and other weapons were renewed by UOP specialists per week, close to the forefront.

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