Monday, February 6 2017 20:54 EET
Ukraine begins testing of domestic drone Leleka 100
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The State Research and Test Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began testing of a domestic UAV Leleka-100 at the airfield near Chernihiv, the official website of the Ministry of Defense reports.

"During the test we plan to assess the weight and dimensions and indicators aero ergonomics of Leleka, as well as the possibility of the complex operation in extreme conditions," Colonel Volodymyr Dmitriev said.

According to the report, aviation complex Leleka 100 is still unknown and needs to be carefully studied. It has modern aviation and avionics, performs the task of air intelligence over long distances and is more silent and elusive to radar in contrast to previous designs.

In addition to the tests, the military carried out the training instructors, who will soon go to Donbas to teach the operators of the other UAV complex A1-C Fury. Tests of the Fury drone took place in difficult weather conditions at low temperature.

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