Friday, February 3 2017 20:49 EET
Appearance of Ukraine’s tanks in Avdiivka explained by ATO HQ
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Ukraine’s tanks are in operational reserve and not used in combat operations, according to ATO HQ.

Some online resources spread information that Ukraine is allegedly deploying armoured fighting vehicles along the frontline. The ATO HQ press centre states that this weaponry is in operational reserve of the Ukrainian government army to respond to enemy’s assaulting actions. Armoured fighting vehicles are currently not used in combat operations.

Earlier a video made on 1 February in the town showing Kiev’s troops and tanks in the eastern Ukrainian town of Avdiivka emerged online, posted by a BBC correspondent Tom Burridge working in the area.

"We met Ukrainian troops and tanks in #Avdiivka who seemed ready for action - and we could hear that there is no ceasefire here #Ukraine"

Earlier investigators identified the exact BM-21 GRAD position, involved in shelling of Avdiyivka – 450 meters from kindergarten.

According to government authorities there was no mass evacuation in Avdiivka, but all algorithms had been worked out.

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