Wednesday, February 1 2017 19:49 EET
Zhebrivskyi: We have no mass evacuation in Avdiivka, but all algorithms are worked out
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Pavlo Zhebrivskyi says people need duvets and warm clothes.

Avdiivka residents, willing to evacuate, are not so numerous, so it’s not a question of emergency evacuation. Pavlo Zhebrivskyi, the head of Donetsk regional military and civil administration, reported by 112 TV channel.

“We worked out all the algorithms. There are several health resorts, both private and municipal. We can settle 1.4 thousand children in Svyatogirsk. There aren’t so many people ready for this offer, and we are not going to run the evacuation,” he noted.

Zhebrivskyi explained that the issue of evacuation was raised not because of continuing shelling, but due to the problems with communal services providing for the residents.

“The water now reaches the fourth floor. It comes from the Donetsk hydraulic station. This helped to stabilize the issue of water supply to some extent. The diesel oil fuel arrived, about 30 tons,” he added.

At that Zhebrivskyi noted that people are in need of duvets and warm clothes.

Earlier reported about the situation in war-torn Avdiivka.

Also investigators identified the exact BM-21 GRAD position, involved in shelling of Avdiyivka.

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