Wednesday, February 1 2017 18:01 EET
Ukraine’s military transport aircraft under attack in Black Sea - photo
Ukraine, military, transport aircraft, ‘An-26’, attack, Black Sea, Minister of Defence,  General Stepan Poltorak,

There are no casualties but the aircraft skin was damaged — 3 cm hole caused by small arms.

“Today, February 1, 2017, Ukraine’s military transport aircraft ‘An-26’, which was performing a training flight in naval economic zone of Ukraine, was attacked near Odesa gas deposits from drilling rigs previously seized by Russian Federation”. Minister of Defence of Ukraine Army General Stepan Poltorak wrote about it on his FB page.

Moreover, the crew recorded the RF radar in active mode which is usually used for air-defence missiles guiding.

Earlier HMS Diamond, capable of shooting down aircraft within 100 kilometers, to enter Black Sea.

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