Wednesday, February 1 2017 17:55 EET
SBU detained a militant from Vostok criminal group in Avdiivka industrial area left by his accomplices
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A militant detained by the ATO forces gave first testimony in the process of the investigation conducted by the SBU.

On January 29 while trying to assault the positions of Ukrainian units he was wounded and left by his accomplices.

The terrorist nicknamed “Holova” joined Vostok criminal group in 2014; in 2016 he joined other armed formation of so-called DNR.

In the process of interrogation the militant proved numerous facts of presence of Russian militants and combat instructors in the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk region.

SBU reminded that together with other law enforcement agencies it records the crimes of terrorists against the civilians. These data will be added to other numerous criminal offences for which the Russian Federation will stand surety to the international community.

Earlier video of BM-21 GRAD, shelling outskirts of Avdiivka, was published.

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