Tuesday, January 31 2017 20:35 EET
Metinvest warns against humanitarian disaster, calling to stop military confrontation near its Avdiyivka coke plant
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The Metinvest Group, an International vertically integrated mining and steel group, calls to stop military confrontation near the town of Avdiyivka in Donetsk region, warning against a humanitarian disaster due to the suspension of Europe's largest coking and chemical plant in that town and a halt to heat supplies to local residents.

The suspension of the work of Metinvest's Avdiyivka plant may cause a humanitarian disaster there, the group said in a statement on Tuesday, reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

The plant was cut off the power grids on Sunday after shelling damaged its power lines, and is now undergoing the so-called "hot" temporary shutdown.

Its full shutdown will affect the entire heating system in Avdiyivka. Currently, the electricity and water supply has been terminated in the town.

Metinvest calls on all parties to the conflict to immediately cease hostilities so it could repair the plant's power lines, resume power and water supplies to local residents.

Metinvest CEO Yuriy Ryzhenkov noted that the group's employees in Avdiyivka "are undertaking heroic efforts to resolve the problem."

"However, the crisis cannot be resolved with our own efforts without agreement with the sides of the armed conflict. Therefore, we hope all parties to immediately sit down at the negotiating table to avert a looming disaster. Employees of the Metinvest Group's other companies do not keep aloof from the troubles in Avdiyivka. The [Group's] enterprises in Zaporizhia, Kryvy Rih, and Mariupol have created emergencies response centers to help the town. Now they collect power generators, tents and equipment for heating of residents in Avdiyivka," Ryzhenkov said.

Earlier reported UN Security Council to consider Avdiivka clashes behind the closed door.

Also video of BM-21 GRAD shelling Avdiyivka by Russia-backed militants was published. 

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