Monday, January 30 2017 20:58 EET
Daily Sabah: Syrian leader Al-Assad in critical condition due to ischemic stroke
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His condition is critical, president of Syria was taken to hospital, according to media, reported by 112 TV channel.

The infamous Syrian president Bashaar al-Assad is at the hospital; his condition is reportedly critical, due to the stroke that he suffered most recently. Daily Sabah reported that, referring to the respective tweet of Syrian TV host Feisal al-Kasem and a number of Syrian, Lebanese and Saudi newspapers.

The message says that al-Assad regained consciousness but now he’s bedridden.

Lebanese and Saudi outlets previously wrote that the Syrian leader was hospitalized with an ischemic stroke yet on Saturday. However, the Facebook account of the Syrian government never mentioned the fact of Assad’s disease or taking him to the hospital.

Earlier reported Russia, Iran and Turkey would divide Syria into zones of influence.

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