Monday, January 30 2017 20:30 EET
President of Ukraine and Chancellor of Germany: Partnership of Ukraine and Germany has reached an unprecedented level of trust
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President Petro Poroshenko is satisfied with the dynamics of the Ukraine-German relations at the highest level. “This is the tenth visit and our tenth meeting with Ms. Chancellor".

It is symbolic that our meeting takes place during the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Germany. Over the given period, our partnership has reached an unprecedented level,” Petro Poroshenko noted at the joint press conference with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

Poroshenko believes that the leadership of Germany is vitally important in this context: “Leadership capable of uniting Europe. Because Europe must counter the existing challenges. Europe must remain united”.

The President says that when people ask him what Ukraine needs from the EU first of all, he always gives a simple answer - we need unity of the EU and solidarity with Ukraine.

“To date, the key issue is whether the EU will be able to consolidate its unity on the basis of the international law and democratic values,” he said.

Before the negotiations with the Chancellor of Germany, the President had a meeting with representatives of German companies, a huge amount of which operate in Ukraine today. “I was glad to hear a positive assessment of the improved investment climate in Ukraine from them. They were glad that the volume of our cooperation and FDI from Germany in Ukraine increases,” Petro Poroshenko said adding that the volume of German exports and Ukrainian imports had increased almost by 20%. “I am glad to say that German businessmen feel like home in Ukraine,” the President stressed.

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel noted that the two countries had formed close relationship. “This friendship has become stronger over the past 2.5 years. We would like to continue this cooperation in the atmosphere of trust. We want to help Ukraine in word and deed,” she stressed.

Angela Merkel praised the reforms in Ukraine. “I praise the reforms in Ukraine. Ukraine has fulfilled all the requirements of the difficult IMF program. We support and praise the efforts of Ukraine in the issue of reforms,” the Chancellor said. She assured that the German government would continue assisting Ukraine.

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