Monday, January 30 2017 20:23 EET
Stepan Poltorak about Avdiivka clashes: Our soldiers seized an important outpost, repelling an attack
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“During the fighting near Avdiivka the Ukrainian soldiers’ actions were coordinated and professional”, General Poltorak said.

“The night was calm, but this morning the active phase has started again”, the Minister noted. “The enemy is using forbidden weapons such as tanks and artillery”.

"Today there is a serious aggravation in the Avdiivka area: in the morning the terrorist groups started the shelling, then, two groups of the hostiles comprising 25-30 people each launched assault actions on our positions. On one of the positions this attack was stopped by the Armed Forces servicemen, on the second one our servicemen went into the offensive and seized an important outpost, which has strategic significance. Our servicemen, unfortunately, sustained some losses. The situation in the ATO area is thorny, but controllable," the ministry press service quoted Poltorak as saying.

Minister of Defence of Ukraine General of the Army of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak awarded ATO combatants at the International Peacekeeping and Security Centre.

“You are very experienced but you would do well to learn more”, the minister said. “This experience will help to save their lives and lives of their subordinates. I am proud of you and thank you for service!”

44 servicemen got awards from the minister of defence.

Recall  new clashes broke out in Avdiivka industrial zone.

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