Friday, January 27 2017 20:41 EET
SBU names reason for lifting ban for Przemysl mayor to visit Ukraine
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Robert Homa can freely visit Ukraine again.

Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) confirmed the cancellation of the decision on prohibiting the entry into Ukraine of the Polish Mayor of Przemysl Robert Homa. This was reported by the speaker of the department on Facebook, according to 112 TV channel.

She explained that the decision to ban or lift the ban on entry of any person into Ukraine is taken on the basis of the combination of security and international factors. From this point of view, the SBU analyzes the situation and remains in touch with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"The Ukrainian side has positively accepted the assessment of the situation by the Mayor of Przemysl, which he announced regarding the anti-Ukrainian marches in the city. This is why Security Service has taken a responsible decision about lifting the ban on mayor’s entry to Ukraine," press-secretary reported.

The Security Service of Ukraine claims that a "third" party was actively trying to use the prohibition of entry against the Mayor of Przemysl to break up the relations between Ukraine and Poland.

Earlier Poland warned Ukraine that cooperation would deteriorate in light of recent ban.

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