Friday, January 27 2017 20:31 EET
Trump’s team considers lifting Russian sanctions to defeat Islamic terrorism
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The first conversation between the US and Russian presidents after the inauguration of Donald Trump is scheduled for this weekend.

President Donald Trump is ready to discuss the US sanctions against Russia; it was reported by the Counselor to the US president Kellyanne Conway, reported 112 TV channel.

“All of that is under consideration, and certainly in addition to improving relations with different foreign leaders and their nations around the globe,” Conway said during an interview with Fox News Friday morning.

“If another nation that has considerable resources wishes to join together with the United States of America to try to defeat and eradicate radical Islamic terrorism, then we are listening,” she said. “But it's very important to at least have this conversation.”

Earlier Trump considered a trade-off on nuclear weapons ­in return for lifting US sanctions.

Also Trump started to fulfil promises as for the wall construction on U.S.-Mexico border.

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