Friday, January 27 2017 20:00 EET
Yet another separatist`s warlord died in Russia: “LPR” founder Valery Bolotov passed away at his home
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Several sources confirmed his death, reported by 112 TV channel.

Borodai said that he learned about the Bolotov’s death from his close relatives, adding that he is not aware of the details of the death. The source of the publication which is close to Bolotov confirmed the death of former head of “LPR" on Friday, January 27. He also said that “LPR” authorities will be offered to put up a statue of Bolotov.

Bolotov’s death was confirmed to "" by the former People's Deputy, who actively supported militants in Donbas, Oleg Tsaryov. According to him, the militant died at his home in the Moscow region. Bolotov’s wife reported this to the former MP.

Bolotov’s death was also announced by the organization, which calls itself "Union of Donbas” which was led by the deceased insurgent.

It is noteworthy that Bolotov proclaimed himself the “people’s governor” of the Luhansk region after the start of separatist protests in Donbas. Bolotov was succeded by the current “LPR” leader Igor Plotnitsky.

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