Thursday, January 26 2017 18:36 EET
Decision that destroys relations: Poland warns Ukraine cooperation will deteriorate
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The country representatives will not be present on the Polish-Ukrainian forum, and this is just the beginning, said Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland in light of Przemysl mayor entry ban.

If Ukraine does not cancel the ban on entry for the mayor of Przemysl, the representatives of Foreign Ministry of Poland will not be present on the Polish-Ukrainian Forum in Rzeszów and this will be just the beginning of Polish reaction, which will have serious consequences, according to the Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Jan Dziedziczak, reported by 112 TV channel.

Ukrainian government’s decision harms Polish-Ukrainian relations, Dziedziczak added.

"Without explaining the situation, without cancellation of this decision, we cannot imagine our further cooperation," the Deputy Foreign Minister said.

Earlier Poroshenko noted Poland as a strategic partner and a great friend during the meeting with Andrzej Duda.

Also Ukraine and Poland united efforts in defense sphere.  Recently it was announced that trilateral military unit LITPOLUKRBRIG was “Combat Ready”.

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