Thursday, January 26 2017 18:11 EET
Ukrainian army to implement new NATO standards: Gen. Poltorak announced changes
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General Poltorak announced it during a meeting of the Reforms Committee.

‘17 implemented NATO standards regulate requirements to uniform and individual protective means’ Stepan Poltorak

“We are under completion of the reform of uniform supply. Particularly, we have implemented 17 NATO standards regulating requirements to uniform and individual protective means”, General Poltorak said at a meeting of the Reforms Committee.

He also mentioned that an electronic data management system at bases and stores was integrated to the logistics supply system. According to the minister, the technical requirements to uniform have been already developed.

In addition, General Stepan Poltorak introduced a new food program. It will be implemented in 25 military units in 2017.

“We have tested a new food program in two military units, accordingly, we’ll implement this new system in 25 military units in 2017”, General Poltorak underscored and said the Catalogue of products meeting the NATO standards was approved last year.

A new system was tested in the National Petro Sahaidachnyi Land Forces Academy (Lviv) and at the Western Naval Base (Odesa).

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Also  Trilateral military unit LITPOLUKRBRIG is “Combat Ready”.

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