Wednesday, January 25 2017 20:29 EET
Trilateral military unit LITPOLUKRBRIG is “Combat Ready”
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According to the training and preparation cycle, Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade took the certification exercise in December 2016 and finalized the verification of Full Operational Capabilities achievement in January 2017.

As LITPOLUKRBRIG Commander Colonel Zenon Brzuszko reminds, according to the Technical Arrangement between the respective Defence Departments, the Brigade was obliged to take a certification exercise and verify Full Operational Capabilities not later than twelve months after the achievement of Initial Operational Capabilities. 24 of January 2017 was recognized as the final date to meet the standards.

“In particular, the status of our combat readiness was examined during Multinational Computer Assisted Command Post Exercise Common Challenge-16 in December 2016 upon the Land Forces Training Area Dęba in Poland. It was the most significant undertaking for the Multinational Brigade so far. Along with Polish, Ukrainian and Lithuanian battalions we exercised the ability to lead affiliated units through peace enforcement operations in the multinational operational environment,” LTC Eligijus Senulis, LITPOLUKRBRIG Chief of Staff, representative of the Lithuanian Armed Forces commented.

During the Exercise the Multinational Certification Team identified points of improvement in the procedures and the composition of the Brigade Command and proposed the improvement changes. Before the deadline of January 2017, the requirements were met as reported by the LITPOLUKRBRIG Command. This validated the Letter of Certification.

“We verified the skills and abilities in planning, organizing and carrying out actions in the context of Combat Readiness. This was overviewed and recognized by Minister of National Defence of Poland Antoni Macierewicz, Minister of National Defence of Lithuania Raimundas Karoblis and Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine for European Integration Ihor Dolhov. As a result of our striving, the officials signed Letter of Certification, verifying the readiness of the trilateral command in full compliance with NATO standards for a brigade headquarters and readiness to take on peacekeeping missions. We declare that LITPOLUKRBRIG Command is ‘COMBAT READY’ from now on,” Colonel Volodymyr Yudanov, Deputy Commander, the representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, added.

Note, the Letter of Certification states that “taking into consideration the results of the evaluation conducted by the Multinational Certification Team, during the Exercise Common Challenge-16, utilizing procedures of NATO Program ‘Combat Readiness Evaluation of Land HQs and Units’ (CREVAL) and national caveats, declare the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade able to perform its mandate tasks.”

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