Thursday, January 19 2017 21:25 EET
'Our positions are within 5 kilometers with the help of the “third force”: Ukrainian army advanced towards Debaltseve
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During the last year, the soldiers of the 54th separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces and the contract soldiers of the Podolyanina Wolves special forces unit of the Pravy Sector, which is a part of the Ukrainian military, who are deployed along the Svitlodarsk Salient, advanced by almost 20 kilometers towards Debaltseve.

The information has been confirmed by the Ukrainian volunteer activist Yuriy Mysyagin on his Facebook page, reports Uawire.

“Our positions on Svitlodarsk Salient are within 5-6 kilometers from the closest residential areas of Debaltseve. And only one year ago we were 25 kilometers away. The infantry marched forward and the “third force” supported them. And everything is within the Minsk agreements” writes Mysyagin.

According to unconfirmed reports, the separatist in Debaltseve have been spreading the information among the residents of Debaltseve about the “imminent arrival of the Ukrainian military, security sweeps among the residents and a concentration camp in Kramatorsk”.

Ukrainian media has also reported that the commanders of the First Army Corps of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic and the local government officials are moving their families out of Debaltseve due to increased tensions at the contact line.

Earlier reported Ukraine was insisting again on Debaltseve return in accordance with Minsk Agreements.

Also Gerashchenko revealed Russia`s strategy on Donbas and explained the role of Debaltsevo.

Recall Ukrainian troops faced heavy clashes near Debaltsevo.

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