Tuesday, January 17 2017 19:57 EET
Avakov at the State Border Guard Service meeting: be fully ready to take control over Donbas` border this year
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In 2017, the task is to reach an internationally recognized state border of Ukraine in Donbas, and later in Crimea, Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said on Tuesday during the meeting at the State Border Guard Service HQ, according to Unian.

That's no propaganda statement or some idee fixe. This is the realities we'll face soon, and the state should rely on your willingness to take decisive action and the will to ensure that process," he said. According to Avakov, the process will primarily involve border guards, and later the police, the National Guard, and judicial authorities.

Thus, the key task of border guards for this year is to be fully ready to take control over the border. He also stressed that it would be a long-term mission because after the development of a plan and the definition of the task, it would be necessary to ensure control over the state border within a two-week period.

Earlier reported, according to Felgenhauer, Russia was preparing for a full-scale regional war against Ukraine this summer.

Also Ukraine stressed again that Debaltseve must be returned in accordance with Minsk Agreements.

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